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Relevance and goals

Employees not only drive the implementation of the business strategy but also represent the Group externally. Employee satisfaction and motivation are of decisive importance for the long-term success of the company. The modern professional world is developing rapidly, requiring a high level of flexibility and adaptability from Lalique Group and its employees. The acquisition of new skills and expertise, including obtaining additional qualifications, has a positive effect on the individual performance, motivation and employability of staff at all levels of the company.

Lalique Group recognizes its responsibilities towards its own employees and society as a whole. To create first-class beauty products or luxury goods, the Group is dependent on the experience, expertise and dedication of its employees. To attract and retain the necessary talent, it strives to offer employees fair and attractive working conditions. The Group focuses on the following aspects in particular:

  • Acting as a responsible employer and offering fair and attractive working conditions and gender equality.
  • Offering targeted training and development opportunities as well as long-term career prospects and chances to advance within the company. The retention of qualified personnel is key to the company’s success, especially in the crystal business.
  • Safeguarding employees’ health and wellbeing, and reducing absences and downtime due to occupational accidents.
  • Improving health and safety at work, with a particular emphasis on employees at production facilities who perform physically demanding tasks.

Employee satisfaction and motivation are equally important to Lalique Group and shape loyalty to the company.