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Helping to shape a sustainable future in a fast-moving world

Sustainability is a key element of Lalique Group’s corporate strategy. We are committed to operating responsibly through our social commitments and our efforts to protect the environment while generating sustainable and profitable growth.

Our sustainability commitments focus on three main areas: Product management and sourcing, employees, and environment and resources. In these areas, the Group seeks to have a positive impact by acting as a fair and responsible employer and a reliable and professional partner to our clients, as well as producing safe, high-quality products and reducing the environmental impacts of our activities. We also aim to constantly expand our sustainability commitment along the entire value chain.

A message from our CEO

“We recognize our responsibility towards society and the environment. That is why we are committed to achieving a sustainable performance along the entire value chain – as a fair employer to our employees and a responsible company that aims to deliver sustainable and profitable growth for the benefit of our shareholders and other stakeholders. In terms of environmental sustainability, we strive to use resources efficiently, to reduce waste and to use the latest technologies in order to lower our impact on the climate. In 2021, we also endeavoured to provide job security in a challenging environment for our company and our employees.

Our sustainability strategy is based on three pillars:

- Product management and sourcing
- Employees
- Environment and resources

Many consumers are sensitive to questions about responsible consumption and sustainable living. Addressing sustainability issues is a key consideration for Lalique Group. To continuously improve our sustainability performance, we are investing expertise and resources in this area and are implementing a sustainability management system that will incorporate all areas of our company. We believe that sustainability aspects must be integrated into the work of our teams on site and increasingly become part of the Group’s DNA. We are addressing the topic of sustainability at a strategic and operational level.

Our sustainability strategy is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which guide our efforts in this area.”

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Nina Müller

Chief Executive Officer