Lalique Beauty Services

About us

Lalique Beauty Services is a perfume filling, making and logistics company and a subsidiary of Lalique Group. It is a full-service provider that is active in the fields of perfume preparation, filling and packing. Lalique Beauty Services controls the entire production chain. It also provides related logistics services such as warehousing of components and end-products, and the shipment of finished goods to worldwide destinations.

Lalique Beauty Services operates with lean structures and thus benefits from shorter decision-making processes.

Respect for standards

Lalique Beauty Services is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations at a national and international level. A high level of professionalism in the development and manufacturing of products, and rigorous quality assurance, guarantees the highest levels of quality and reliability for clients.

The entire Lalique Beauty Services facility is certified to ISO 22716 (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices).

Our service

We provide a full range of services – such as research and development, manufacturing, filling and logistics – for our clients.

We are equipped with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic lines for fragrance filling. We can therefore fulfil orders of any size and assemble luxury products such as crystal flacons and candles.

Research & Quality





Welcome to our world of fragrances! We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact:

Lalique Beauty Services

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E-Mail: info.lbs@lalique-beauty.com